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About Us

What Does Kangofied Sell?

Kangofied sells home décor and home furnishing products. We have a limited range of products for now, but they surely are all unique.

How did it start?

“Need is mother of all inventions” And this phrase was definitely true in our case. Not happy with the furniture which market was offering, we initially got customized Wall mirrors and few accent pieces made for our very own home. But eventually this little hobby developed into an idea and that’s how we got started.

What is the essence of the company?

Kangofied is not just a Home décor store, it’s a boutique. I would rather call it a “Home-Boutique”, where you get refined and customized home accent pieces .You can anytime drop us a mail and ask us for an advise and we would happy to help. We can transform that boring sad wall of your house into a happy-child with our unique range of accent pieces. And if we find no such piece in our catalog, don’t worry we can create something, just for you.

What is its Vision?

We want to enter every house in India, reach every heart with our collection.

About the Founder?

I am Kanchan Alone or call me Kanchan ‘Not’ Alone as I am very much married now. I have been lovingly called by my friends ‘Kango’ and hence the name ‘Kango-fied’(So, now you got the connection). So, I am B.E graduate(like everyone else), had an IT career(like everyone else),been to different countries for work, pleasure(like everyone else),read thousands of motivational-books and got supremely charged one day and started ‘Kangofied’.

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