Kangofied – Pamper your home!

We can make 'Your Home', 'Your Palace' !

Bring home an ounce of Royalty with our Unique, Handcrafted, Home Decor Pieces.

What do we do ?

We design and create Home Dec'or Products inspired by our Ancient Indian Royals and their lifestyles. Our Palaces had so many beautiful home décor products and each piece, a statement piece and had a story to tell. We want to revive that old world charm by designing and bringing such pieces to the world which are resplendent and majestic in their own way.

How do we incorporate this philosophy in our products?

- You can see us using bright, vibrant silk fabrics OR witness the heavy use of Golden colour in our products, be it in the form of zari buttas in the fabric or usage of Golden metals like Brass or gold-antique-finish done to our non-ferrous metals artifacts.
- Carving was a big part of Royal Home decor. Have a look at Wooden Doors of Rajasthan Palaces, or the stone walls of the Forts or any ancient Temples, there was carving everywhere. Aligning to this thought, we have a few products like the Elephants figurines, carved Jharokhas showcasing the 'Carving' features.
- Last and most Important testimony is, that our products are Handcrafted. In those times, all the products were handmade as there were no machines. All our products have an underlying human touch to it. We handpaint every product in our own studio and give them a kangofied-touch.

How did it start?

Our Founder says - " Need is mother of all inventions. And this phrase was definitely true in our case. Not happy with the furniture which market was offering, we initially designed few Wall mirrors and Accent pieces made for our very own home. But eventually this little hobby developed into an idea and that’s how we got started."

What is our Vision?

We want to enter every household and reach everyone's heart with our talk-of-the-town products. We want to create such products that our customer should feel Pride owning them.

About our Founder.

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Our Founder, Kanchan aka Kango (a nick name given by her friends) founded this company in the year 2019 with just 3 products in her inventory and a Facebook post. The responses and feedback that she received on her products encouraged her to take next big step towards building this business.

She has done B.E in Electronics& Communication and then MBA from IMTCDL, Ghaziabad and has more than a decade of experience in working with IT companies. She has travelled to different countries and has worked with international clients. She took a leap of faith to follow her passion and left her full time job in 2022 and now takes care of the creative side of this company.

In her free time, you will find her pampering her plants, setting up her house or traveling and exploring different places with her family.

Connect with Kanchan on her Instagram Id - @Kanchanalonee
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